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Photoshop CS3 Advanced Course







The Quick Source eLearning Series combines three levels of training: Learn It, Try It, and Evaluation. The Learn It section includes high quality video that shows you everything the instructor is teaching. The Try It section allows you to practice what you have learned right in our course. There is no need to switch between the course, and the software that you are learning. The Evaluation section gives you the ability to test your knowledge and receive immediate feedback.

Topics covered in this course:

Adjusting Color

  • Introduction
  • Working with the Histogram
  • Making Adjustments Using Levels
  • Making Adjustments Using Curves
  • Adjusting Hue and Saturation
  • Adjusting Color Balance
  • Using the Variations Command
  • Using the Replace Color Command
  • Using the Color Replacement Tool
  • Using the Channel Mixer

Selections and Paths

  • Introduction
  • Applying Feathering to a Selection
  • Using the Pen Tool
  • Using the Freeform Pen Tool
  • Using the Magnetic Pen Tool
  • Working with the Paths Palette
  • Editing a Path
  • Formatting a Path
  • Saving a Path
  • Creating a Clipping Path
  • Converting Paths and Selections
  • Saving and Loading a Selection


  • Introduction
  • Working in Quick Mask Mode
  • Masking a Layer
  • Creating a Vector Mask
  • Using the Magic Eraser Tool
  • Using the Background Eraser Tool
  • Using the Color Range Command
  • Creating a Clipping Mask

Layers and Text

  • Introduction
  • Creating a Fill or Adjustment Layer
  • Applying Effects to a Layer
  • Working with Styles
  • Grouping Layers
  • Creating Type on a Path
  • Entering Text Inside a Path
  • Using the Type Mask Tools
  • Warping Text
  • Exporting Layers as Files
  • Linking Layers


  • Introduction
  • Applying a Filter
  • Smart Filters
  • Using the Filter Gallery
  • Blending Filter Effects
  • Adding Texture
  • Sharpening an Image
  • Creating a Vanishing Point
  • Working with Vanishing Point Tools
  • Using the Pattern Maker


  • Introduction
  • Placing a File
  • Creating a Smart Object
  • Working with Smart Objects
  • Adding Annotations
  • Using the Edit Tools
  • Painting with a Pattern
  • Creating a Custom Gradient

File Management and Output

  • Introduction
  • Creating Slices
  • Editing Slices
  • Using Adobe Bridge
  • Working with Images in Bridge
  • Color Trapping and Printing Separations
  • Contact Sheets
  • Creating a Picture Package
  • Printing a Hard Proof

Automation and Customization

  • Introduction
  • Photomerge
  • Recording Actions
  • Working with Actions
  • Creating a Droplet
  • Batch Processing
  • Customizing Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Editing Color Settings
  • Hiding or Displaying Tool Tips
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