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Lotus iNotes 8.5 Basic Course







The Quick Source eLearning Series combines three levels of training: Learn It, Try It, and Evaluation. The Learn It section includes high quality video that shows you everything the instructor is teaching. The Try It section allows you to practice what you have learned right in our course. There is no need to switch between the course, and the software that you are learning. The Evaluation section gives you the ability to test your knowledge and receive immediate feedback.

Topics covered in this course:


Getting Started


  • Introduction
  • Identifying the Parts of the Lotus iNotes 8.5 Window
  • Navigating in Lotus iNotes
  • Working with Modes
  • Customizing the Home Page
  • Using the Sidebar
  • Searching for Items
  • Printing a View or Document
  • Creating a Folder
  • Working with Folders
  • Logging Out




  • Introduction
  • Viewing Mail
  • Using the Preview Pane
  • Creating a Mail Message
  • Sorting Messages
  • Replying to a Message
  • Forwarding a Message
  • Attaching a File to a Message
  • Creating a Phone Message
  • Setting Delivery Options for a Message


Mail Extras


  • Introduction
  • Marking a Message as Read or Unread
  • Formatting Message Text
  • Creating Stationery
  • Adding a Signature to Messages
  • Checking Spelling
  • Inserting a Hyperlink
  • Inserting an Image
  • Working with Attachments




  • Introduction
  • Navigating in the Calendar
  • Scheduling an Appointment
  • Scheduling an All Day Event or Anniversary
  • Scheduling a Meeting
  • Responding to a Meeting Invitation
  • Working with Calendar Entries
  • Creating a Group Calendar
  • Working with Group Calendars
  • Printing the Calendar
  • Using the Day-at-a-Glance Calendar


Contacts and Notebook


  • Introduction
  • Creating a New Contact
  • Adding a Contact from a Message
  • Working with Contacts
  • Creating a Contact Group
  • Working with Contact Groups
  • Printing Contact Records
  • Creating a Notebook Page
  • Working with Notebook Pages


To Do List


  • Introduction
  • Changing the To Do List View
  • Creating a Personal To Do Item
  • Working with Personal To Do Items
  • Creating a Group To Do Item
  • Working with Group To Do Items
  • Responding to a To Do Assignment
  • Marking a To Do Item as Complete




  • Introduction
  • Blocking Mail from a Sender
  • Removing a Sender from the Blocked List
  • Creating a Rule
  • Managing Rules
  • Enabling Out of Office Mail
  • Setting Out of Office Exceptions
  • Disabling Out of Office Mail


Deleting, Preferences, and Getting Help


  • Introduction
  • Deleting an Item
  • Working with the Trash Folder
  • Setting Basic Preferences
  • Setting Mail Preferences
  • Setting Calendar Preferences
  • Setting Delegation Preferences
  • Using Lotus iNotes Help