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GroupWise 7 Advanced Course







The Quick Source eLearning Series combines three levels of training: Learn It, Try It, and Evaluation. The Learn It section includes high quality video that shows you everything the instructor is teaching. The Try It section allows you to practice what you have learned right in our course. There is no need to switch between the course, and the software that you are learning. The Evaluation section gives you the ability to test your knowledge and receive immediate feedback.

Topics covered in this course:


  • Resending a Message
  • Retracting a Message
  • Changing the Item Type
  • Adding a Personalized Subject
  • Using vCards
  • Working with Tracking Options
  • Setting Message Reply Format
  • Saving a Message as a Document
  • Attaching a Document Reference
  • Setting Up a Remote Mailbox

Rules and Notify

  • Creating a Rule
  • Working with Rules
  • Starting and Exiting Notify
  • Responding to a Notification
  • Working with the Notification List
  • Changing Notify Options
  • Getting Help in Notify


  • Saving a Version of a Document
  • Using the Version List
  • Checking Out a Document
  • Checking In a Document
  • Sharing a Document
  • Importing a Document
  • Creating a Document Template
  • Creating a Document Reference
  • Using Mass Document Operations

Sharing and Discussions

  • Adding Users to Your Access List
  • Viewing Another User’s Items
  • Receiving Notifications for Other Users
  • Creating a Shared Folder
  • Sharing an Existing Folder
  • Posting an Item to a Shared Folder
  • Replying to a Discussion
  • Viewing Discussion Threads

Security and Archiving

  • Setting Junk Mail Handling
  • Using the Block Mail List
  • Using the Trust Mail List
  • Changing Your Password
  • Creating an Archive Directory
  • Working with Archived Items
  • Setting Up AutoArchive

Finding and Filtering

  • Finding an Item
  • Using the GroupWise Find Results Window
  • Modifying a Search
  • Saving Find Results to a Folder
  • Creating a Filter
  • Saving and Opening a Filter
  • Deleting a Filter
  • Using the Quick Filter

Routing Items and Sorting

  • Creating a Routing Slip
  • Completing a Routed Item
  • Setting a Password to Complete a Routed Item
  • Tracking Routed Items
  • Sorting Items
  • Sorting an Address Book
  • Using the Display List
  • Using Group Labels

Customizing GroupWise

  • Customizing Toolbars
  • Customizing Headers
  • Customizing Color Schemes
  • Customizing the Navigation Bar
  • Customizing Calendar Options
  • Customizing Date and Time Options
  • Customizing the Item List
  • Customizing Default Actions
  • Changing the Calendar View
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